VSI Labs Vehicle Tracking Site

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Welcome to the VSI Labs Telemetry Tracking Site.

VSI Labs is one of the industry’s top advisors on AV technologies, supporting major automotive companies and suppliers worldwide. Here you can track the VSI Labs research vehicle as it travels for various conferences, demos and events. Check this page to view the vehicle’s status at any given time, and follow along on our social media channels for photos and more information:

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➤ What kind of vehicle does VSI Labs use for research and testing?

The vehicle is a 2018 Ford Fusion equipped with Dataspeed’s by-wire control system, along with other AV technologies from companies such as Ouster, NXP, FLIR, HERE Technologies, and OxTS. VSI engineers built a Linux-based computer installed inside the vehicle which acts as a domain controller for AV functions.

➤ Who can I contact for press inquiries?

You may contact Katelyn Abel, Marketing Manager. Email katelyn@vsi-labs.com or call (952) 465-8723.

➤ Where can I learn more about integrating my technology into VSI’s research vehicle?

Visit VSI’s website, or contact Sara Sargent, Engineering Project Manager. Email sara@vsi-labs.com or call (612) 298-7516.